To the depths of the Unknown
to find something new”.

“To the depths of the Unknown to find something new”.
Thus Baudelaire baptized his metaphoric journey into the depths of his own consciousness. Like men, cities also hide their essence underground, and Asti is perhaps the most glaring example, in Italy, of an identity to be discovered, going deeper.

Glass is Life.
Pino and Donatella Clinanti's Collection
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Musei di Asti

Eight sites, one soul: that of Asti.

A museum route which speaks about Asti and reveals its DNA:

a submerged past that starts from the Roman Age and leads us to discover its birth. From buildings and museums that tell of the town through the lives of its most famous characters, to the Crypt and the Baptistery, evidence of the great medieval tradition, and then up to the Tower that rises above the city and the hills around. 

A route perfectly set in the richness of a welcoming and unmissable territory , like its people, its flavors and its culture.

Welcome to the discovery of the essence of Asti.

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The Roman period is the least told of Asti’s history, yet, under the preponderant forms of the medieval city…

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